‘Ahsoka’ Episode 4 Recap: The Jedi Just Can’t Catch a Break

Ahsoka’s titular character, played by Rosario Dawson, delivers some unflinching realities to Sabine, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, at the start of Episode 4 of Ahsoka. To reach Ezra and Thrawn, the pair could already be too late.

That implies that they might have to prevent anyone from finding Ezra and Thrawn instead of trying to find them. The idea of leaving Ezra behind for all time in a galaxy far, far away upsets Sabine, who becomes even more motivated to stop Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto), Baylan (Ray Stevenson), and their crew.

‘Ahsoka’ Episode 4 Recap: The Jedi Just Can’t Catch a Break

Sabine exudes a jittery, electric energy, and Ahsoka senses this and tries to teach her a valuable lesson: “Sometimes we have to do what’s right, regardless of our personal feelings.” Sadly, neither Ahsoka nor Sabine are able to properly implement this piece of advice. On that, however, later.

After being stuck on the planet of Seatos as a result of losing a fierce battle against Morgan’s enormous hyperspace ring, Ahsoka, Sabine, and Jedi droid Huyang (David Tennant) are attempting to power their ship once more.

Ahsoka and Sabine intend to locate Baylan, Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno), and Inquisitor Marrok ahead of their pursuers in an effort to maybe surprise them. Sadly, that’s not what occurs; instead, Huyang’s head is rammed into the ship by Morgan Elsbeth’s HK-87 Assassin Droids.

Huyang survives to fight another day, but he must restart the ship’s repairs when Ahsoka and Sabine defeat the assassin droids. He does, however, tell Ahsoka and Sabine that they are better together before they can leave to confront Baylan and Shin. He remarks in a very nice moment, “You always do better that way, in my opinion.” At least he tried, even though they too don’t heed this counsel.

Huyang is informed by Ahsoka that she needs to speak with Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), but Hera, in typical Hera manner, is already traveling. She travels to Seatos with her son Jacen (Evan Whitten), Chopper, and a small band of ex-rebels. Their “once a rebel, always a rebel” mentality has a triumphal air to it, which serves as a wonderful reminder that not everyone in the New Republic is satisfied to simply allow the Empire to grow once more under their noses.

When Ahsoka and Sabine return to Seatos, Marrok and Shin Hati confront them, with Ahsoka facing the Inquisitor and Sabine rematching the other padawan. She cuts through him so quickly that he doesn’t know what hit him, as if to remind us of Ahsoka’s history with Inquisitors. But instead of some wild Marrok hypothesis being revealed along with his demise, his body just “poofs” into a huge cloud of eerie green smoke.

So, contrary to what some people believed, it wasn’t Starkiller or Ezra; rather, Marrok might have been a spell or manifestation created by the power of Morgan and her Nightsisters.
Huyang (and everyone who has ever seen a horror movie) specifically warn Ahsoka and Sabine not to do: Instead of working together to disarm Shin and put an end to their conflicts in the woods, the pair does as Huyang directs them not to: They dispersed, with Ahsoka going to battle Baylan and Sabine continuing to engage Shin.

This choice, as you might have guessed, comes back to haunt them sooner rather than later. When Baylan discusses Anakin and what he turned into, he insults Ahsoka, but it doesn’t startle her. While Baylan may be full of raw power, he is also skilled. Ahsoka is quick and skilled. They make a good match. Ahsoka takes the map with her bare hand and burns it just as Morgan’s droids are about to finish searching the map for the coordinates to Thrawn’s position.

Shin escapes through a cloud of smoke in the style of a magic trick after Sabine defeats him with a Mandalorian weapon. But because to Ahsoka’s burned hand, the fight is already over before either of them can reach Baylan or Ahsoka.

Ahsoka, however, thinks she lost Sabine when she sees Shin return without her. Her battle with Baylan is accelerated by her rage to the point where she acts in a very un-Jedilike way and Force chokes Shin, slamming her onto the rocks.

When Sabine does arrive, the commotion of her arrival leads to a disoriented Ahsoka falling to her presumed death into the lake below Seatos. However, fans should be aware that this isn’t the final time we see the recognizable Togruta, much as it wasn’t Ahsoka’s fall on Malachor when she was facing Maul in Star Wars Rebels.

However, Sabine is unaware of this and is vulnerable to Baylan’s manipulation because of her shock and sadness. Instead of just destroying the map as Ahsoka had instructed her to do before she fell, she offers it back to him in exchange for the chance to save Ezra’s life.

When Hera and her team finally arrive, Morgan’s hyperdrive ring is already in motion and is shooting straight across their path. Jacen informs Hera that he has a bad feeling after she loses some of her fleet in classic Star Wars style.

Ahsoka slowly recovers from her fall on Seatos in the episode’s last scene, only to discover herself in the World Between Worlds. For Rebels fans who are aware that Ezra brought her there following their Season 4 confrontation with Darth Vader, this is a fantastic deep cut. The fact that Anakin fricken Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) joins her there in this universe this time is an even better revelation.

What does this mean for Ahsoka, while The Clone Wars fans are all going insane after finally seeing Snips and Sky Guy connect in real life? At the conclusion of this episode, the good people are seriously in trouble because they can’t locate Sabine or get to Ezra and Thrawn. Additionally, Ahsoka is actually on a different plane of existence.

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